Our Story

About Steve Salvini

Steve Salvini was originally born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and grew up in a small town outside of the city. Steve is not a stranger to hard work. His first job was at age 12 delivering newspapers. Despite finding himself homeless at the age of 18, Steve managed to put himself through ITT Technical Institute and Robert Morris University where he earned two degrees.

Because Steve has a deep passion and vision for home design, it made investing in real estate the logical choice. Though logical, it hasn’t always been easy, from working his full-time job as a Systems Analyst to committing long nights and days on real estate, all while raising his two young boys on his own. With a little over two thousand dollars, Steve formed Three Suns Property Solutions, LLC, which now owns and manages multiple properties in the South Hills, Pennsylvania region.

Three Suns Core Values
  • Loyalty
  • Flexibility
  • Empathy
  • Hard Work

“Sellers rely on my expertise in the Real Estate market and I want to do everything I can to give people the best experience.” – Steve Salvini