Pittsburgh Landlords – Here’s Why You Should Sell Your Rental Property for Cash

We know how time consuming and financially draining being a landlord can be. If you don’t have a property manager to handle the day-to-day operations of your rental, you’re likely getting caught up in a handful of headaches. The good news is, there’s a quick and simple way to change your situation and leave the landlord lifestyle behind. Let’s talk about why you should sell your rental property for cash.

The lifestyle is tiring

Being a landlord is not for everyone, and if it’s taking up resources that you want to spend elsewhere, it’s time to move on. Are you entering a new phase of your life? Eliminating the burden of property management will help you transition into that new phase. Maybe you inherited the property and never intended to become a landlord in the first place. Either way, you should consider selling. 

The neighborhood is on the decline

One of the great things about Pittsburgh is that it’s made up of unique, vibrant neighborhoods. However, not all neighborhoods are up-and-coming. If the surrounding area is deteriorating rather than developing, you may be looking at decreased profitability in the future.

You’re struggling to keep tenants

Let’s face it – the landlord-tenant relationship can be complex! If you deal with late rent payments and evictions, or you worry about leasing the rental property when your current tenants move on, it’s time to break the cycle. 

The property is in poor condition

One reason to sell your rental property for cash is if it’s in distressed condition. For major fixes, you’ll want to weigh the pros and cons of sinking more money into the property vs. selling as-is.  If you constantly find yourself dealing with repairs that you didn’t save for and you’re drowning with the property maintenance, don’t keep hanging on!

So, are you ready to leave the landlord lifestyle behind? Three Suns Property Solutions can help to alleviate your property management stress by purchasing your rental property directly for cash. Contact us today to learn more!

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