5 Ways to Separate Emotion from Opportunity When Selling Your Home

5 Ways to Separate Emotion from Opportunity When Selling Your Home

Selling Your Pittsburgh Home? Follow These 5 Tips to Remove Emotion from the Process

Whether you’ve lived in a home for 5 years or 50 years, the selling process can be an emotional one. You associate the property with the memories made there, along with the time and resources you invested to make the house your own. However, when you do make the decision to sell your Pittsburgh home, don’t let nostalgia keep you from moving forward! Here are 5 tips to remove emotion from the selling process:

1. Make sure you’re ready

Weigh the pros and cons of selling your home and make sure that you’re really ready to relocate. Discuss any concerns you have with someone you trust, and consider meeting with a real estate agent or investor to explore your options. Once you do decide to sell, don’t look back.

2. Focus on the future

While it may be easier said than done, focussing on the future can help you emotionally detach from the house you are selling. Think of the positive changes that will result from the sale. Will it help you eliminate debt or improve your financial situation? Maybe it will drastically reduce your stress levels. Focus on that!

3. Depersonalize the home

It might sound harsh, but thinking of your house as a “product” and not as a home will help you detach and move forward in the selling process. Whether you’re listing it on the market or working with a cash buyer, start to view the property as an entity to be exchanged for what you really want – another home, a new lifestyle or a fresh start. You can start by removing personal items in preparation for the big move!

4. Give yourself closure

We spend a lot of time in our homes, and in a sense we become attached the way we would in a relationship. So when it comes time to sell, give yourself an opportunity to say goodbye. Do a walk-through and reflect on the memories, then allow yourself to move on!

5. Sell it fast

The longer the selling process drags on, the more emotionally invested you will become. As time passes, you could find yourself stalling or even second guessing the decision to sell. Eliminate the need for open houses and showings and consider a direct sale for a quick, stress-free option!

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